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Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander

Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander

Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander, 28, entered the entertainment industry several years ago by appearing on several major network competition reality shows.  An extremely driven and motivated individual, Alexander carved herself a name and has worked hard to continue to contribute to the entertainment industry through positive and high profile projects and causes.

No stranger to hard work and perseverance, Nicole Alexander came from a large family with a single parent household. A tomboy at heart, Nicole pursued a career in basketball traveling overseas to pursue her athletic dreams before entering into the world of entertainment.

The groundbreaking Flavor of Love series broke VH1 viewer records during its first season and elevated Nicole’s “celebrity” within the industry.  Nicole became a fan favorite and won not only the series but the hearts of millions.  Her newfound fame allowed her to be selective in the projects she wished to align herself with; however, Alexander took one more endeavor into the world of reality television by competing in the competitive VH1 series entitled I Love Money. Nicole was put to the test in a series of grueling physical and mental outdoor challenges in Mexico in which her determination and athleticism ultimately beat out 19 other competitors and earned her the grand prize.

After being featured in countless publications (including most recently Boston Magazine and STUFF Magazine’s “Sexiest Bostonians 2011”) and has also engaged in various television and radio appearances, independent films, all the while maintaining a high profile romance with the NBA’s biggest all-star, Shaquille O’Neal.