How to Maintain Your Yoga Mat?

Yoga, especially hot yoga can be a sweaty affair which is all probably going to be soaked by your mat. Unclean mats can later lead to an unpleasant session and also cause various skin infections and allergies.

Deep cleaning your mat with detergent etc. should be done once in 2-3 months but there’s also something you can do on a daily basis to increase durability and texture of the mat. So here’s how to maintain your yoga mat.

Why maintaining your mat matters?

All the dirt, sweat and oil stains etc. harm the material of the mat which effects durability and also reduces stickiness which in turn makes yoga on the mat as good practicing on a slippery slope. Regular maintenance reduces the need for monthly cleaning and also keeps the material and texture intact. Make sure you read a lot of yoga mat reviews before you buy one.

Wash your hands and feet

Most of the stains or dirt on the mat is likely to come from you and thus it’s important that you clean yourself up before you hop onto the mat. Your hands and legs are likely to be in contact with the mat throughout the session thus keeping them clean are important.

Also, do not apply any creams or lotion as it can affect the texture and material of the mat and even make it slippery. Baby wipes or wet tissues are good alternatives to washing to keep clean your hands, legs and face.

Clean your mat

Once your session is over it’s important to clean off the sweat and stains immediately so that the mat doesn’t soak it in. Use a damp towel or a baby wipe along with a little bit a washing soap. Dry it out and then roll it up before you put it away.

Specific yoga shops contain wipes specially designed for cleaning a mat. Avoid using abrasive detergents or sprays as they can harm the material. Also, ensure you get rid of the excess soap and water with a dry cloth.

Use a cover

To maintain a mat, it’s important to reduce the dirt, sweat etc. on it and for that using a cover while practicing is effective. You can either visit a store and buy yoga mat specific covers or simply use a towel.

Towels will absorb the sweat but on the downside can also prove slippery during complicated yoga poses and thus most experts will recommend you a yoga towel. These towels absorb sweat more efficiently and also come with a non-slippery surface. These towels are available at yoga stores or online retailers.

Air it

The yoga mat can catch onto the sweat and body odor and thus it’s important to air both sides of the mat once in 2-3 uses. You can use the laundry rack for hanging purposes.

Also, always store the mat is dry and cool conditions as direct sunlight can harm the material and can also become a home to tons of fungi and bacteria.

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